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Our purpose is to help every child fulfil their unique potential, by connecting and empowering the community around them.

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Storypark is shaped with the guidance of brilliant teachers, parents and experts from around the world.

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Blue question marks on a white background
Charles Pascal as a child
Charles Pascal

Dr. Charles Pascal Storypark Advisor

Charles is an internationally renown Canadian educator with expertise in early and higher education, public policy and leadership development. A former deputy minister in Ontario, Charles has published extensively in the fields of psychology and education and has received extensive and diverse awards and recognitions.

Ted Melhuish
Ted Melhuish

Dr. Edward Melhuish Storypark Advisor

Professor of Human Development at the University of Oxford, involved in studies that have contributed to the formulation of social policy in the UK, a consultant to the Stanford Research Institute, and a scientific advisor to the Nordic Research Council, Academy of Finland, Portuguese Research Council, German Research Council, the Australian Research Council, South Korea, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Chile, as well as the European Commission, OECD and WHO.

Maria Aarts as a child
Maria Aarts

Maria Aarts Storypark Advisor

Maria Aarts is an expert in child development and the Founder and Director of Marte Meo International. ‘Marte Meo’ means “by one’s own strength” and is a method which focuses on the importance of communication in the building of relationships and emotional connections. Her philosophies and practices support a variety of programmes across 46 countries.

Dr. Laura Jana as a young child
Dr. Laura Jana

Dr. Laura Jana Storypark Advisor

Dr. Laura Jana is a pediatrician, educator, health communicator, author, associate research professor at Penn State’s Prevention Research Center and a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Anne Meade as a child
Anne Meade

Dr. Anne Meade Storypark Advisor

Anne has focused on early childhood education for most of her career spanning over 40 years, as both a teacher of young children, a researcher, lecturer, author, and policy developer. Many teachers say Anne is the reason they got into teaching.

Chip Donohue Storypark Advisor

Chip Donohue (PhD) is globally renowned for his work in edtech, including in his role as Founding Director, Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at the Erikson Institute and as a Senior Fellow, Fred Rogers Center (2009-2020).

June Mcloughlin as a child
June Mcloughlin

June Mcloughlin Storypark Advisor

June has worked as Director of Family and Children’s Services at Doveton College, the Director of Early Learning and Community Engagement of Colman Foundation and worked with a number of high level federal and state government committees, and boards including Goodstart Early Learning and the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority

Sue Robb as a child
Sue Robb

Sue Robb Storypark Advisor

Sue has worked as a SIP, Ofsted inspector and is recognised for her work on early years quality improvement (UK). She was the Senior Director for Early Years in the National strategies, and as Head of Early Years at 4Children led the development of the Department for Education’s new early years strategic programme, Foundations for the Future.

Kim Hiscott as a child
Kim Hiscott Andrew Fleck Childcare Services

Kim Hiscott Storypark Advisor

Kim Hiscott is a proud Registered Early Childhood Educator and Executive Director of Andrew Fleck Child Care Services in Ottawa. Throughout her career she has been passionate about connecting parents with their children’s learning and sees this as one of the most important roles of ECEs.

Christine Legg as a child
Christine Legg

Christine Legg Storypark Advisor

Christine is Chief Executive Officer of KU Children’s Services in Australia. She began her teaching career in South Australia, then moved to NSW to join KU over 30 years ago. Chris has been actively engaged in promoting the rights of children and improving the status and standing of early childhood education as a profession. Chris is also the Deputy National President of Early Childhood Australia.

Bradley Hannigan as a child
Bradley Hannigan

Dr. Bradley Hannigan Storypark Advisor

Dr. Bradley Hannigan attended Plimmerton Kindergarten and then gained four degrees at Victoria University of Wellington. Bradley is the Senior Education Advisor at Nelson Tasman Kindergartens, a Board member and devoted dad.

Inspired by our mums

Storypark has an unusual heritage that shapes the way we think. All of the senior leadership team’s Mums have long careers in early childhood. They have given us our values and perspective, and continue to guide us in our thinking and direction with Storypark. Thanks Mum!

Janet Dixon as a child
Janet Dixon

Janet Dixon Peter’s Mum

Janet trained as a Kindergarten teacher, and worked in a variety of settings during her career including focusing on supporting children with additional learning needs. She worked in professional development at Victoria University and now supports ECE leaders, facilitates the ‘Incredible Years’ programme and loves being a Nanna!

Lynda MacDonald as a child
Lynda MacDonald

Lynda MacDonald Jamie’s Mum

Manager of Aroha Early Learning Centre, delights in observing and being involved in children’s learning. Storypark was first thought up by Jamie when Lynda mentioned she wanted a secure online environment to document children’s learning. It occurred to Jamie that other educators might want this too, and the rest is history.

Carol Hartley as a child
Carol Hartley

Carol Hartley Mathew’s Mum

Carol has been Head Teacher at Mangere Bridge Kindergarten for 20 years and is a bit of an expert in the transition from ECE to school. She speaks internationally and is co-author of a variety of publications including the book ‘Crossing the Border.’

Pam Malcolm as a child
Pam Malcolm

Pam Malcolm Andrew’s Mum

The daughter of a Kindergarten teacher, Pam trained as a primary school teacher and taught in NZ, Europe and the Middle-East. She completed her Bachelor of Education, Masters and Postgraduate studies and is now a facilitator for the Incredible Years Parenting Programme, a proud Nana of twin girls, and an avid Storypark user.

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We’re an inclusive, high-performing team who share common values, and come to work every day knowing we’re doing the best work of our lives.

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97%of parents feel that Storypark has enabled them to be more involved in their child’s learning.

96%of educators think that Storypark has improved day-to-day practice.

We believe it takes a community to raise a child

Society is becoming increasingly isolated – neighbourhoods, families and generations are separated by the pace and practices of modern-day life. We believe it takes a community to raise a child, and have created Storypark to help support this belief.

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Everything we do is child‑centric

Storypark works to make a difference – not just a dollar. We pursue evidence-based, earnest discoveries to solve the root of important problems. Our approach comes with a sincere respect for children, including their privacy and contribution.

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Storypark is for everyone

Storypark is committed to making a difference for all children, families and communities. We provide lifetime free access for services working in disadvantaged communities.

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