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Storypark is used every day by leading practitioners in 23 countries. To ensure we design our software to work in the most relevant and effective way possible we listen to our expert advisors, partners and Storypark Advocates.

Storypark Advocates are experienced educators who champion the needs of children, families and educators in their community. Want an independent opinion about how Storypark works and the difference it can make?

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Ali Greene

Sydney, NSW, Australia

I have been working in the Early Childhood Industry for 30 years as both an Educator and in management roles for 20 years.

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Beth Clements

Queensland, Australia

12 years of childcare experience with a strong passionate interest in the Birth-3 age group. I have worked as an educator in a variety of centres in a variety of rolls. Currently responsible for practice in over 150 centres.

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Carole Adams

Cleveland, Queensland, Australia

I’ve been in the industry for 16 years, and prior to that I had four children who all went to Childcare. I’ve seen the industry change over the years, from both sides as a parent and Educator. Storypark has been such an asset to our business, and now as a Grandmother I’m enjoying the benefits of keeping up to date with what my grandchildren are doing at Kindy while I’m overseas.

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Catherine Schwarz

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Worked previously as a Primary School Teacher. Have worked the last nine years at One World for Children as an Early Childhood Teacher. I coordinated the introduction of the Early Years Learning Framework into the centre in 2009 and became the Educational Leader.

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Ariane Leeder

Sydney, NSW Australia

Early childhood educator for 16 years with experience in all aspects of centre operation from untrained educator to owner/director. Qualifications in both primary teaching and early childhood education.

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Danielle Clarke

Queensland, Australia

I have been in the child care industry for approximately 11 years and have my Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.

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Danielle Clarke

Claire Robins

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I have worked as an Early Childhood Teacher and Director since 1998. Throughout my working life I have encountered wonderful people and communities who have inspired me, challenged me and helped me define who I am as an educator.

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Kara Gregg

Norman Park, Queensland, Australia

Community based kindergarten affiliated with C&K.

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Kara Gregg
Dianne Butler

Dianne Butler

Mardi, Central Coast, Australia

I began my career on a mobile preschool in the outback travelling and setting up preschool on a shoestring budget in local community halls 35 years ago. I have experience in mobiles, long day care, community based preschools, TAFE, Department of Education and Aboriginal education. I have worked as a teacher, director and non teaching director as well as taking responsibility for larger and smaller teams.

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Kerrie Llewellyn

Melbourne, Australia

I have been teaching Kindergarten for the past 20 years. Prior to this I taught Home Economics in High School for several years.

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Kerrie Llewellyn
Katrina McKay

Katrina McKay

Brisbane, Queensland

I started Early Childhood Education when I was 18 years old as a Kindergarten Resource Person in NZ. I then moved onto training in Level 3 ECE and worked with PORSE in NZ for 7 years in varying roles (Adminstrator and Home Educator). I completed my Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Years 0-8 with Massey University extramurally, and then moved to Australia where I am now in my current position (15 years on from when I first started in the industry).

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Marlene Mifsud

Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia

I have been working as a Preschool Teacher with ECMS for over 12 years.

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Marlene Mifsud
Margaret Schneider

Margaret Schneider

Caboolture, Queensland Australia

Worked in field of early childhood education for 38 years as a Director or Co-Director of a non-profit community kindergarten affiliated with Creche & Kindergarten Association Queensland, Australia.

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Narelle Dawson

Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Working as an educator at our Kindy for 22 years. We are a community kindergarten that embraces the embedding of Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islander perspectives, Nature Play and Intergenerational Relationships within our teaching and learning environment.

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Margaret Schneider

Michelle Callahan

Creswick, Victoria, Australia

I have a degree in Early Childhood and Primary Teaching and I have worked in the Early Childhood Education as a teacher for the last five years. Our kindergarten is cluster managed by Eureka Community Kindergarten Association. Previous to Early Childhood Education, I worked as an Integration Assistant within the education system for 12 years in secondary, primary and special education schools.

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Shirley Fyfe

Longford, Victoria, Australia

I’ve been working in the early childhood profession for 15+ years across three early childhood services & provided relief work at several others. During this time I have worked with children, families & staff across a range of socio-economic groups & cultures. I value the importance of a ‘team’ approach to our early childhood service, both in terms of staffing & family involvement and firmly believe that we all play a vital role in the learning & development of children.

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Shirley Fyfe
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Rebecca Wells

Harrington, NSW Australia

I have worked in early child care for 16 years now. Having completed my Diploma and Bachelor of Teaching ( Birth to five years). I have worked in a variety of different services.

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Marisha Chadd

Perth, W.A. Australia

Throughout my 18 years within the Early Childhood sector I have been employed in numerous positions, the last 14 years in leading roles such as operations management and now managing/owning my own centre in Perth. Using Storypark my centre received ‘exceeding’ under the National Quality Standards for QA1 – Educational program and practice.

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Alyssa Inu

Alyssa Inu

Wellington, New Zealand

I have been playing and learning in ECE since 1999. I have had many roles in diverse centres. I have been manager of my current small mixed aged, parent co-op centre for 6 years. I am a fierce advocate for not for profit, community based ECE and the rights of the child.

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Kylie McLean

Wanganui, New Zealand

I am fully registered Early Childhood Educator with 8 years teaching experiences. For the last four years I have been working in a mixed age centre with children ages 2 – 5 years old and I currently use Storypark in my everyday teaching practice.

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Kylie McLean
Natasha Hurring

Natasha Hurring

Dunedin New Zealand

I have been the Head Teacher at Elm Row for approximately 4 years and have 16 years teaching experience.

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Moira McKay

Whangarei NZ

Primary School Teacher from 1979 – 2000. Now in ECE after completing an advanced diploma.

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Sharryn Mountford Gibbs

Sharryn Mountford-Gibbs

Petone Wellington, New Zealand

I had been the Senior Head Teacher Owhiro Bay Kindergarten for the past 6 years. During that time we used Storypark extensively and worked along side you at Storypark on initiatives. Currently I am a teacher at Petone Beach Kindergarten and we are in the process of implementing Storypark here.

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Rachel Ellis

Owhiro Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

I have worked in early childhood education and care for 12 years, beginning my career in special education, and spending the past 6 years working in a full day kindergarten with infants toddlers and young children. I am passionate about bicultural practice and teaching and learning about sustainability.

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Rachel Ellis
Steph Hazlitt-Black

Steph Hazlitt-Black

Nelson, New Zealand

Diploma of Teaching and Learning 2006. Bachelor of Teaching and Learning 2009. My teaching experience since graduation has been as an Infant and Toddler teacher in an Early Learning service for a year, before moving to my current position as a Kindergarten Teacher (2.5 to 5 yrs) for Nelson Tasman Kindergartens.

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Bethany Keedwell

Bethany Keedwell

Kanata, Ontario, Canada

I am the director and part owner of three centres in Kanata, Ontario. I have had great amounts of experience with children through volunteer work in Africa and working for the City of Ottawa. I also have done school placements through my Honours in Child and Youth Studies.

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Kim McMahon

Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

I am a RECE, as well as Montessori trained. I have also worked as a consultant since 2010, supporting programs with quality initiatives.

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Kim McMahon
Krista Carter

Krista Carter

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Originally from Ottawa I have spent 20 years in the early childhood education field. The bulk of my career was spent educating in kgt/school age programs. I left the front line as I identified a need in the Alberta sector for professional learning and subsequently completed my studies in adult education with this intent in mind. I am currently working in a consulting capacity trying to raise the level of quality in early learning programs and further professional practices where I can.

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Meagan Bell

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator at the Kanata Research Park Family Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. I have worked with all age groups since I graduated with my early childhood education in 2008. For the past several years I have been working with kindergarten age children in the Family Centre‚ kindergarten program.

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Megan Bell

Tammy Nucci

Markham, ON Canada

I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator and a Certified Leadership Coach. Presently I work as a Corporate Training & Development Specialist at Upper Canada Child Care (20 years) working within all levels of the organization on personal and professional grow, performance management, and building leadership capacity across multi-sites. I have travelled internationally to Italy, Denmark, Sweden and NZ to study the field of early learning and leadership.

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Adrienne Meade

Wilmington, Delaware, USA

I work in a mixed-age classroom of 2-4 year olds in a large Quaker school.

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Amy Oliver

Lakewood, CO, USA

I have worked in early childhood as a teacher for many years utilizing the Reggio Approach which values documentation as one of its core values. I have been training teachers and consulting with parents for the last 3 years in addition to working in the classroom.

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Carly Schwartz

Carly Schwartz

Baltimore, MD, USA

Early Childhood Educator, mid-size center director, mother of 2.

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Chelsea Peason

Boulder, CO USA

I have worked for the past 6 years at Children’s House Preschool in Boulder Colorado, using Storypark for about 3 years now. I also work for the City of Boulder Therapeutic Recreation program EXPAND , allowing people with disabilities access to recreational programs and camps.

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Chelsea Peason
Jackie Harrington

Jackie Harrington

Rochester, Minnesota, USA

I am the owner and sole-operator of First Five Years Family Child Care, a licensed program in the state of Minnesota caring for and educating children in their first five years. In addition, I am an approved Minnesota Center for Professional Development trainer meeting the professional development needs of other early childhood practitioners.

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Mallori Bernstein Meza

Poway, San Diego, USA

I’ve been in the ECE field for 12 years. I have a BA in ECE and I have worked with in many programs. Project based education has always been at the heart of my work.

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Mallori Berstein Meza
Maria Lallier

Maria Lallier

New York, USA

I am originally from Utica, New York. I started working in child care in 1997 and instantly gained a passion in working with young children and a vision to one day own a preschool. In 2002, while working at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, in Charlotte, NC I was introduced to The Reggio Emilia Approach. This changed my life in the field of early childhood, as my perception on teaching shifted to have much more meaning, seeing children as competent and intelligent thinkers. In 2010 I gave birth to my son, we moved back to the Utica area and I began the process of opening a foundation school for young children. In August 2011 I opened by centre Young Einsteins.

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Michael Knuckey

Boulder Colorado USA

I work in a small non-profit preschool that works with 50% low-income families, and many non-English speaking children. In the last 8 years we have taught children speaking 30 different home languages.

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Nina Doigan

Nina Doigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Toddler teacher and discover CATCH coordinator for the ECC. Child health advocate!

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Megan Gessler

Lisle, Illinois, USA

Early Childhood Education Coordinator for The Morton Arboretum with 8 years experience managing nature-based preschools in the Chicagoland area. Founder and President of the Northern Illinois Nature Preschool Association and Co-chair of the National Council for Nature and Forest Preschools through Natural Start Alliance.

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Sovonia Guy

Solana Beach, Ca

My name is Savonia Guy, pronounced “saw-vo-knee-a,” and I am an Early Childhood educator and an Atelierista. My degree is in Early Childhood and in addition to my love for early childhood education, I have had a passion for art my entire life. It is because of my knowledge of young children that I can support and foster the needs and creativity of the whole child through the languages of art.

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Alison Hughes

Alison Hughes

KEARSLEY, Bolton, England

I’ve taught at various ages over the last 16 years – now EYFS LEAD (10 years).

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Cecile Doyen

The Hague, Netherlands

I’m a consultant in educational matters, with particular expertise in early childhood development and education, language development and international education. I’m based in The Hague working with an Amsterdam based NGO (Aflatoun International). Prior to supporting Aflatoun, I worked for the International Baccalaureate (IB), looking after the global development of its curriculum, with particular attention to early childhood education and language learning for K-12 education.

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Cecile Doyen as a child
Elizabeth Arena Thomas

Elizabeth Arenas Thomas

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have worked in Latin America, Turkey and the Netherlands as a school psychologist and in the past 16 years as an Early Years Educator. I have a masters in Early Childhood Education and am doing doctoral research in the field of inclusion in various countries. My particular interest is in advocating for the rights of children to have their voices heard on decisions that affect their daily lives in education.

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Matthew Stinziani

Incheon, South Korea

I graduated from university in 1994 with a Bachelor of Teaching. I worked for a year in Australia (I am Australian) before heading to the UK. I worked in two government schools there for a year and a half before entering the international school circuit…which has taken me to Sudan, Ethiopia, Germany, Tanzania, Italy and now South Korea.

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Mathew Stinziani
Gemanar Miglena

Gemanar Miglena Cristina


Teacher wearing many hats.

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Ema Nagayasu

Tokyo, Japan

I have been working as an educator since 2007 at Tokyo Community School. I am also a member of Storypark Japan Support Team. I use Storypark as both an educator and as a parent.

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