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All of our partners want to improve quality practice, engage parents, reduce the workload for educators and increase enrollment.

But every organisation also has unique needs. Storypark offers a customised experience to your organisation’s priorities, practice, curriculum and branding with dedicated personal support

Strengthen practice

Support quality across multiple locations through real-time analytics and reporting tools.

Demonstrate the value of your programme and your commitment to quality outcomes for children.

Storypark dashboard for early learning networks

Why do leading organisations all choose Storypark?

Streamline compliance and enhance quality ratings

Place children and families at the heart of your centres. Encourage practice in line with required standards. Demonstrate adherence to curriculum guidelines. Increase transparency and accountability.

Hear from Kim

Kim Hiscott

Executive Director
Andrew Fleck Child Care

Grow enrolment and build your brand

Include Storypark as part of your welcome process, waiting lists and centre tours and increase conversion rates. Build loyalty and retention – each child’s Storypark community travels with them from one of your centres to another.

Data-led decision making

Analytics and reports dashboards allow you to easily observe engagement and dynamics. Monitor teacher, parent and centre activity. Identify opportunities and respond to issues early.

A CEO’s experience

Wayne Wright

CEO and Founder
BestStart (265 sites)

After 12 months of using Storypark…

Results from an independent survey run by BestStart after using Storypark for 12 months

95%of centre managers said that Storypark has improved their day-to-day practice.

85%of centre managers said Storypark has improved the professional development and quality of delivery by their teams.

70%of parents said they were more likely to send their child to a centre that used Storypark

Save money and time

Increase productivity and save on consumables

Storypark is proven to save more than it costs, and increase productivity.

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Reduce the cost of compliance

Provide immediate evidence of learning and links to required standards. Streamline assessment and rating processes.

Discounted enterprise pricing

Affordable pricing, designed for your circumstance, with no surprises.

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Everything in one place

Planning, updates, assessments and announcements are online, everyone can see it, immediately respond, review it later or print it. Share forms and policies with parents within your private community (and much more).

All of the ways to get help with Storypark

Ongoing professional learning and development

World-class training for you and your team. Friendly, prompt support via phone and email. Tailored training and ongoing support for large organisations.

Choose a partner, not just a provider

Know that future features will be developed in line with global best practices. Create a relationship based on integrity and values you can trust. Be confident we are here for the long term – our track record supporting organisations of all sizes speaks for itself.

Find out how Storypark can be customised to achieve your organisation’s goals

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